Founder of Panda Education
Founder of Panda


Barry Bird, from Canada, has been in China teaching since 2001 and after many years of teaching kindergarten, primary, middle and high school, university and adult students in either schools or education centres decided to break out on his own. He has written 6 kindergarten level and co-written 10 primary level books in China, based on the North American Phonics system. In 2008, Barry opened Panda English Education and after a year or two, his wife joined the company, forming the foreign and Chinese partnership company it is today.

The company is uniquely operated with two different departments acting as one. Barry and his foreign management staff handles the daily operations regarding the foreign side of the business and Beatrice, the wife, handles the Chinese department. Allowing the management to bridge the two languages and cultures into one.

To Barry, a business’ reputation means everything, and he has built a strong relationship with his teachers and management staff. As a foreigner, he understands the struggles that foreigners face when going to a country which doesn’t speak English. The simplest tasks can be almost impossible to achieve without a good support team and Panda employees English speak Chinese staff to help the foreigners in and outside the classrooms.

You will find Barry to be a very honest and open employer who believe in keeping the people informed and to always give the facts straight and clear, so that there isn’t any misunderstanding. As foreigners, we have to watch each others back and help each other whenever we can. We are the closest thing the foreign staff can classify as family and we are proud to say that Panda has built exactly that.

加拿大籍的Barry Bird自2001年起在中国从事幼儿至成人各年龄段的英语教学工作,在多个学校和教学中心积累了工作经验后,他决定创建自己的公司。结合北美自然拼读法,Barry编写了6本幼儿英语教材,合编了10本小学英语教材。2008年,Barry创立了Panda English Education, 在随后的一两年间, 他的中国妻子参与进公司管理,形成了中加合营的局面,保持至今。



在员工的眼中,Barry是个性格直爽讲诚信的老板,重视及时给外教提供准确可靠的信息,避免外教不知情或受人蒙骗。他认为,对在异国他乡生存的人来说,相互帮助,至关重要, Panda就是外教在中国的大家庭,对此,Panda深感自豪。