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Panda would like to welcome you to our website and hope that you will register with Panda and visit again. Panda is presently reconstructing our website to provide information to foreigners coming to China, schools looking to work with Panda and our foreign teachers, parents who are interested in learning more about Panda’s teaching methods and a place where children or parents can download educational materials, videos and activities. Over time, we are hoping to include other services to the website, including online lessons with foreign teachers, information about a brand of education centres that we call PandaKids and a data base that our teaching staff will be able to download schedules, renewal contracts, teaching materials and get lesson plans from anywhere in China.

Panda is a foreign and Chinese cooperating business with a foreign and Chinese owner. Our business is not an agency but a direct employer who supply the legal visas and foreign expert certificates for their foreign teachers. If the foreigner doesn’t have a teaching certificate, our company is also sponsored by a Canadian TESOL program allowing us to get the qualifying documents necessary to legally become a teacher in China.

We hire, train, manage, monitor and assist our foreign staff to make the teaching experience more enjoyable. Our company also provides the schedules, books, flashcards, props, lesson plans and videos to our foreign staff so that they can tackle any school.