Living in Shanghai, or anywhere else in China, is fairly cheap if you know what you are doing. This is why Panda has a Chinese support team to help you out. Our team helps you find a suitable apartment, of your choosing, and negotiate with the real-estate company and landlords. Most leases in China are one-year lease and require a security deposit and 3 months’ rent (which can be negotiated with the landlord). Something else you will find, there will be a one-time real-estate fee of about 35% upon signing the lease, depending on the city. The apartment comes fully furnished and decorated. Refrigerators, washing machines, western style bathrooms, heating and air-conditioning and water-coolers are generally standard in most apartments, and there aren’t, our staff will negotiate with the landlord before the lease is signed.

The apartment shown on the website is an actual apartment of a Panda teacher. He has 2 bedrooms (one bedroom with a king size bed and the other with a queen size bed and wardrobes), a western style bathroom with its own water heater, western style kitchen, reasonably sized living room, 2 flat screen televisions, heating/air conditioning, gas stove, washing machine, water cooler (for drinking water) and a balcony. The complex is fairly new (maybe within the last 5 years) with a park area, parking, close to the subway station, grocery stores and restaurants.

You would think something like this would cost a lot, but not really, the rent is around 4000 yuan/month (about $600 USD or $800 Canadian, based on today’s exchange rates). This isn’t bad when you consider the salary is more than 4 times the cost of rent. There aren’t too many people, now days, that can say their rental expenses are less than 30% of their earnings. This particular teacher is saving so much money, he and his wife don’t even cook at home (which would save even more money), they eat out at restaurants or order in.

To give you a better idea about the living expenses in China, their electric bill is around 400-500 yuan/month, water bill is around 40 yuan/mth, gas bill is around 60 yuan/mth and bottles of water for the water cooler is around 30 yuan a bottle. The total monthly utility would be less than 800 yuan or around $160, leaving a lot much more for you to enjoy life, travel and for sight-seeing.

相 较西方国家而言,上海或中国其它城市物价水平仍属低廉,为避免外教因不熟悉当地市场行情而花冤枉钱,Panda的中方团队帮助外教寻找价格、方位、房型、 装修等方面合适的住房,并帮助外教与房东或房产中介议价。上海房租大多一年一签,押一付三,通过中介找房的,需另付35%的中介费。房型、装修、配置等大 多符合西方人的起居生活习惯,如果外教对住房有特殊要求,Panda可帮助外教向房东争取。