Brad's Open class 060Teaching is more than just a job, it is away to give back to humanity. The thought of one person giving something to another person that can completely improve and change their lives is a awesome gift. With knowledge, your students can get a better job, allow them to travel the world, meet new people, learn about different cultures, make new friends and improve their standard of life. The teacher in China, and basically anywhere in the world, is very highly respected by the communities. As a foreigner, working as a teacher in a foreign country, they treat you like a celebrity. Other than you teach the students your native language, you also give them the chance to learn about other cultures, other ways of thinking, other beliefs and other races. I have been to some parts of China that have never seen a foreigner, other than in a magazine or on television.

Teaching is a very rewarding job and the joy you get when you see a child that started their year off knowing no English and leaving their first year able to talk to you is priceless. Children between the years of 3-8 years old learn extremely fast, it’s like they have dry sponge in their heads and absorbs everything you teach them.