New Foreign Expert Certificate Policy May 1st 2016 plus Update

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With the increased desire for Native English speaking foreign teachers, by the government, and the new laws that were recently passed that non-native foreigners had to have a university degree from a native English speaking country, the Chinese government will soon be announcing the newest law changes that take effect May 1st, 2016.

Foreign teachers in China, after the last laws change, who had a foreign expert certificate (FEC) were safe from the law because they would be able to renew their FEC so long as they continued to work for the same school but if they had changed employers, the teacher would have to start the visa and foreign expert certificate process from the beginning. Meaning, if the foreigner didn’t qualify under the new regulations, the foreign teacher would be disqualified for a FEC and unable to teach in China. This has now changed, starting May 1st, any non-native English speaking foreign teacher who has a foreign expert certificate will not be able to renew their FEC and visa, even if they are still with the same employer.

This new law will decrease the number of foreign teachers, teaching English in China, extremely quick since visas are only available for terms of one year at a time. Most foreigners’ visas and foreign expert certificates (FEC) will expire the end of this school year, generally between July and August. At the moment, we have no way to figure out how this will affect the education market but our office is trying to stay a head of the situation. Presently, our company, employs 60% non-natives and 40% native speakers, so we are keeping a close eye on the visa laws for China and Shanghai.

That all said, the final details to the new government visa/FEC changes should be publicly announced in the coming week or two by the national media.

May 6th UPDATE for the new regulations

Very Good News from the foreign expert certificate office… The government will allow non-native English speaking foreigners to renew their FEC and visa with the same company they presently work for, so long as the company provides an extremely good recommendation letter with the renewal application… this is very good news for the non-natives that work for our company…the FEC website has been down since May 1st… Our company representative to the FEC office (Ben) went to their office today to get the news.


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  1. admin

    I agree with you however, there are a lot of people who barely speak English, coming to China to teach English. I know, we interview 100s a year that don’t qualify.. China already have English teachers that are native to the English language, they are called Chinese English teachers, this is why they have Native English speakers come to China to teach their native language.. that said, they also have French teachers to teach their language, Spanish people come to teach their language, Russians to teach theirs… these jobs are as plentiful as English jobs but they are out there and the requirements for these jobs are “native speakers”

  2. DK

    Hmm…nothing better than a ” teacher” who was born in an English speaking country and who thinks that that fact alone gives him the legal right to actually teach it. Ayia….. wait.! … of course! Nobody in this world can learn English except for those who ” luckly” were born in one of those countries. Everybody else is just a third league pretend. Fantastic ! Great show of an open, educated mind, guys !

  3. Jennifer

    Why do non-natives with such broken English think they have a right to teach English to others?

  4. Jeff

    Please see my two comments below.

    No, have never had to get a CBC before for a visa….I carry a Canadian passport. All the countries that I
    travelled to did not require a visa except China.

    A school in Beijing said that they would do a “Hong Kong visa run” but I do not know what that is.

    When Beijing starts doing background checks (my offences were 28 years ago) do you believe that it
    will include all offences? Also, could the time that has past be considered, and would the background check
    be done in Beijing, or would I take a copy of my record – as far as you know.

    I can certainly understand why rapists, murderers, other violent crimes, pedophiles, terrorists etc would not
    be allowed to teach or get a work visa. But I would not understand it for my non-violent offences of so long
    ago could not get a work visa. I hope that the Chinese government will carefully considers a new law before it becomes one.

    Do you think that a criminal background check will be done even for tourist visas April 2017? My wife is from Beijing.I have a Q2 Visa. Does Beijing do background check now for a work visa, and coming April 2017 will background checks be done in all provinces?

    I will go to Beijing very soon, and when I get back I will finally apply for a pardon so I will no longer have a record.

  5. admin

    Anon.. a lot of your information is true, other than the fact regarding the FEC department and the PSB working together. Even thought they are two completely different departments in the government and both claim that they are actually in control of the other, these two departments do work together. The PSB does do most of the heavy work in regards to the visa and FEC regulation enforcement.I have been working with the PSB and the FEC office for years, and there has always been a huge conflict between these two departments.

  6. admin

    Hello Jeff.. as far as I know, the criminal back ground check doesn’t take effect until April 2017..that said, depending on the province. Shanghai isn’t until April however, Jiangsu province (also Guangdong, possibly) have been doing criminal background checks for the past couple of years.

  7. admin

    Hello Jeff.. firstly, Hong Kong and mainland are two different areas and have their own visa laws, so you might want to look into the rules for Hong Kong related to your own citizenship. Secondly, a clean criminal background isn’t required, there are several degrees of criminal background. Something minor isn’t generally a problem, especially if it is more than 5 years ago. This is why, when applying for a passport or visa, they ask you about your back ground in the past 5 years. This I can’t be 100% sure about but I do know that minor crimes aren’t a problem…Have you actually tried getting a visa with a criminal background check? or is this just something you have heard?

  8. Jeff


    I have read on several websites that stated teaching English with a record in no problem in Beijing but some schools require a clean criminal record.

    I have had a work visa in Beijing, and did not have a problem getting it.

    I have also read that I am allowed to teach in Hong Kong. Correct? I also read that I could do a Hong Kong visa run for a work visa which would allow me to teach on the mainland. Correct?

    I do not see why the government would be concerned about white collar offences so long ago – 28 years.
    I am no threat to anyone, and I hold two senior positions with international companies, both of which have offices in Beijing.

    I have been an outstanding global citizen since then!

  9. Jeff

    I have a record for several thefts 28 years ago – nothing violent, sexual, involving children nor am I wanted by

    Does anyone know if I can teach English in Beijing. I have done so three times.

    What happen if I show up to the PSB without a copy of my record?

    One post says that the law to have a CBC is will come in 2017 but another say it is now law.

  10. Anon

    Rubbish. Your FEC/Alien Employment Permit and your residence permit are two completely different things and totally unrelated as they are issued by two completely different government departments. If your FEC/Alien Employment Permit is cancelled (which at the time of writing, can be done online), this DOES NOT automatically cancel your residence permit at all as the author suggests. In order to cancel your residence permit, this can only be done at the PSB. Your sponsor HAS to inform you that they intend to cancel your residence permit within a reasonable time frame, then they will usually take you to the PSB where it will be stamped ‘cancelled’ in your passport on your residence permit vignette. Usually an exit visa vignette will be placed into your passport giving you a set amount of time (usually 30 days) to EXIT the PRC. In some very rare situations your residence permit can be cancelled without your presence, but your sponsor HAS to have made a reasonable effort to have informed you about the intended cancellation. However, just to reiterate CANCELLING YOUR FEC/ALIEN EMPLOYMENT PERMIT DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY CANCEL YOUR RESIDENCE PERMIT.

  11. Sulmulmul

    China wants to sack all the experienced teachers, when they all leave , you would be in need in the long run .

  12. JP

    Just over here reading all of the posts in broken English from people claiming they should be allowed to teach it…

    But that’s none of my business.

  13. admin

    There are new news coming out about the newest visa laws for April 2017 (even the new laws have already started to take effect November 1st) May 2016 is now becoming out news as the Chinese government moves towards a new system and the new system hasn’t truly been decided yet. The government has already made it impossible for non-natives to teach English legally in China without a degree from a native English speaking country but the new law appears that they are planning to only allow native English speakers to teacher English. That said, Russians can teach Russian, Spanish can teach Spanish, French can teach French, etc.

  14. Poly

    The question is what is going to happen with non native English teachers already working legally in China for 5 years at least .Unto now the visa is renewed if the employer guarantees for you.Has anybody heard what is going to happen with that?
    And another question: If an Online degree is validated by the native country awarded and the local Chinese embassy isn’t it acceptable?

  15. admin

    I am not sure what website you could check on. I get my information directly from the Chinese FEC and Visa office. I don’t understand why you would want this information regarding non-natives, it isn’t like if you could use it in anyway. The law is simple, non-native must have a university degree from a native English speaking country and they must have attended that university in that native English speaking country and able to prove it. The government has a document for non-native to sign, giving the embassy in each other countries to check the education background of the applicant’s education. There is something else you might want to know, there are countries on a especial list which, even if the non-native qualifies because of their education background, will not be allowed to have a visa to teach in china. This list is most like more interesting to see than the rules about non-natives. That said, everything is about to change able, if the new laws go through April 1st. The new laws states that non-natives can’t teach English if it isn’t there native language and that a person teaching is only allowed to teach their native language, no matter where they are educated.

  16. Emma

    Hi, this is very informative, thanks so much. I am a Nigerian who has a bachelors degree from the UK and a masters degree from the UK also. I am TEFL certified with 1 year teaching experience. A lot of applications I’ve made to teach English in China have been declined due to ‘nationality’. I don’t understand because I thought my UK degrees will place me in a better position.

    Please do you have a link to the law which says that non native English speakers with a masters degree from a native English speaking country may legally obtain and visa and teach in China?

    I will be most greatful for a prompt response please. Thanks I’m advance!

  17. admin

    I didn’t refer to anything… I am just giving information given to me… That said, the new laws in china that take effect in April 2017 (if not changed before then) will actually really screw up the entire system.

  18. Mark

    Ace-Heart..A stab at you too.
    White English speakers in South Africa do not have tongue clicks or dialects at all.
    Yes,as in any Country-such as the UK or USA,people may talk in different accents-depending on their geographic location(South or North)-pronounce words differently.
    In South Africa,a person from Cape Town will speak a little bit different to a person from Durban.
    Also Afrikaans people speaking English as their second language also may sound different.

  19. Mark

    Barry-to come back to your point you referred to above about South Africa.
    It is quite sad.As whites are the minority and most have English as their mother tongue-not Afrikaans or any of the other 10 Ethnic languages.So what now?Blatant discrimination because we are white-all from European descendants?
    I was brought up English-schooled at South African Schools and Tertiary Institution.
    It will thus be a joke and extremely humiliating to be classed as a Non-Native English speaker.

  20. Szebi

    First of all I would like to state that I am not a native english speaker nor an english teacher, so I apologize for my mistakes! My wife was teaching english for 3 years in Bj,with a BA,tefl and 8 years experience as background..she was the only one non-native speaker(romanian) at her school and you can’t imagine how many times she was asked by colleagues about grammar rules..a native speaker might always speak the correct way of their language,but many times they don’t know why it’s correct like that, it just comes naturally for them, so when they have to give an explanation about rules,they are just wife tried to teach romanian(her mother language) to her student’s mother and she said it’s impossible for her, teaching english is much easier, cause she knows the logic way to explain..

  21. Gesho

    To the guy in black:
    Many of the white guys aren’t native English speakers, too. For example most of the European countries have own non-English languages: Greek in Greece, Russian in Russia, Polish in Poland, Bulgarian in Bulgaria, Italian in Italy, etc. In fact most of the countries around the world have got own languages, because they weren’t English slaves and they have own culture and own language!

  22. arcel

    for the non-natives to be educated in an English native countries, is an online degree acceptable?

  23. Barry

    Well… firstly, there is an update added to the bottom of the article, which I added around May 6th, that gave more details regarding the new law change…

  24. Nicole

    Hi Barry,
    You posted this article or news on April 22, 2016 and until now (May 21, 2016), we still never see the final details to the new government visa/FEC changes that your saying that it should be publicly announced in the coming week or two by the national media. Where is it now Barry?

  25. Barry

    Denis – as you said:
    “How about those who are native English speakers by passport but educated in non-native English speaking countries?” what does that have anything to do with this law?
    “What does “educated in a native English speaking country” mean anyway? Studying in a native English speaking country doesn’t automatically imply studying English or having English as the language of instruction.” The government is trying to give Non-Native speakers a chance. To be educated in a native speaking country at least proves that you could understand and speak English well enough to get a university degree.
    As For my daughter.. we don’t know where she will be educated, we don’t know what the economy will be when she is old enough to go to university, I don’t even know if I will be alive then, don’t know what my daughter wants to do when she enters the work force.. right now, she has citizenship to both China and Canada until she is 18 (which the government is thinking about changing that laws too) and she speak and understand both language as a native Chinese/English speakers..

  26. Denis

    There you go Barry. You have just made the who idea of who is a native English speaker even more controversial. Let me quote you – the government “This is why the government says that if you’re a non-native speaker according to your passport, you have to be educated in a native English speaking country to be a teacher.”
    – How about those who are native English speakers by passport but educated in non-native English speaking countries?
    – What does “educated in a native English speaking country” mean anyway? Studying in a native English speaking country doesn’t automatically imply studying English or having English as the language of instruction.
    BTW you have a good example in your daughter. Is she a native English speaker? Just curious. I don’t know where she is being educated.

    My point in giving those five cases for examples in my first post wasn’t to say the government should look into every candidate’s family background. I was simply trying to illustrate how the criteria the government is using isn’t fair enough.
    HINT: Google this tag: Non-native English speaking Americans.
    I don’t believe government officials here aren’t smart enough to know this. Hence, that particular law seems to have a hidden agenda in addition to simply weeding out unqualified English teachers.

  27. Barry

    Denis, my daughter in china born, wife is Chinese, I am Canadian..she has both Chinese and Canadian citizenship and passports.. she is listed in the Chinese family booklet. So what’s your point? The government isn’t going to go through everyone person family tree to determine whether or not that person can be classified as a native speaker or not. This is why the government says, that if you are a non-native according to your passport, you have to be educated in a native English speaking country to be a teacher.

  28. Barry

    Actually Aceharts.. we were looking online today about South Africa and realized that only 6.9% of South Africans are English speakers.. Now I know why the Chinese government doesn’t include them in the list of Native speakers.

  29. Denis

    I feel like we are all blind persons lost in the dark. Let’s see. Who is a native English speaker in the following 5 cases?
    1. John Smith, nationality: British. Born and raised in China. Father: British. Mother: Chinese.
    2. John Wang, nationality: British. Born and raised in England. Father: British. Mother: Chinese.
    3. Abdul Haman, nationality: American. Born and raised in Egypt. Father: Egyptian. Mother: Egyptian.
    4. John Ike, nationality: Canadian. Born and raised in Nigeria. Father: Nigerian. Mother: Nigerian.
    5. Jean Dubois, nationality: Irish. Born and raised in Ireland. Father: Irish. Mother: Irish.

    Wake up! This is the 21st century. Passports and looks no longer define who is a native speaker of any language in the world, not to talk of English, ironically, almost always touted and sold as a universal language except when it comes to teaching it.

  30. Aceharts

    It’s funny how most employers in China think South Africans are native English speakers. Go to South Africa and you are bound to hear dialects that doesn’t have anything in common with English. I know some ‘white’ guys from there who speak a native dialect that has ‘tongue clicks’. Most Chinese employers don’t travel hence they know absolutely nothing about the English world. It’s such a pity. By the way, the fact that I could speak a language fluently and impeccably doesn’t mean I could teach it. Peace out.

  31. Barry

    Jules.. these laws have nothing to do with the schools, it the government. Something you most likely don’t realize, schools don’t care if the person is native or non-native, only that they are a good teacher. So long as the teacher can teach and the parents/children are happy with their teacher, school masters and owners are very happy because the parents continue paying. To the school masters and owners, it’s all about money, profit, overhead and expenses, they don’t care. So why do school masters want native speakers, because the parents want and the parents are who pay the school. Some parents don’t care where the teacher is from but some do, and if the number of parents who want a native speaker outweighs the number of parents who don’t care, the school leans towards the native speaker. Something people don’t consider, parents who complain are heard more than the parents who don’t complain or care. Since the parents pay the school for the education, the school master listens because of, “money, profit, overhead and expenses”.

  32. Jules

    During my CELTA course they said ‘only good schools might hire non-native speakers’ because they understand the way learning a language can be effective. And, not for bashing, but how many languages have most native English speakers learned themselves? And I agree, there are great teachers and bad teachers, and everything in between. Native, non-native, white, black or yellow.

  33. Terry

    I have read everyone’s comments over this new law. I think in away this is going to cause real problems and shortages regarding foreign native speaking teachers. A lot of the comments are trying to jump straight to the race. Shame, shame, shame.

    Well here is my 2 cents worth – I have seen great and wonderful non-native speaking teachers that can make a classroom exciting and fun for the children, and I have also seen bad native speaking teachers. A lot of what makes a teacher a teacher is getting over the fear of teaching that only experience can give.

    Here is the truth, a kindergarten teacher doesn’t really teach the kids grammar and the grades, that a foreign teacher gives means absolutely nothing in the schools. The parents at the kindergarten level are looking for a few things. 1) getting use to a foreign teacher. 2) Word count and phrases – the parents want to see the kids picking up words or short phrases (spoken CLEARLY). 3) Learning English songs or chants – The parents like to show off their children to their friends and tell their friends that the kids have a foreign teacher. 4) Have FUN – The parents wants the children to have fun. If the kids love their English foreign teacher, all the better. 5) The parents are looking for a report on concentration, class behaviour, understanding, listening skills, speaking level, and participation.

    The parents believe that a native speaking teacher, no matter of their university degree, could only teach their kids better than a non-native speaker that has only learned English for a short time before coming to China to teach it. As a native speaker, like in my case, and has spoken English for 50 years full-time before coming here to teach where a non-native foreigner may have only been speaking English part-time for a couple of years. In 2012 at last count there was 1,025,109 English words, now I personally don’t know them all, nor use them all, but I would think I know more than a non-native or an English speaking Chinese person. Now some of the comments are well written and you can tell that the person writing are very well educated in big words but not that it matters when you are teaching the children apple, ball, cat, dog, elephant, fish, goat, horse etc. But I do know the difference from to, too and two or then and than. I have seen schools turn down a teacher for their spoken English.

    Do I understand the Chinese parents concerns?

    Yes, I think so; I am a parent as well. I think I was told once, there are 60,000 schools and learning centres in the city of Shanghai. Considering that the parents pay to have a foreign teacher it is their choice on what kind of foreign teachers they want. If the school doesn’t have what they want they just pick the school that does. Maybe they believe since they’re the ones spending the money it better be “money well spent”. If I wanted my child to learn Chinese, I wouldn’t hire a non-native or a native speaking English teacher to teach my child. Hmmmmm, does that make sense? Now, I am being racist against myself. Wait, no, I think I’m just thinking, I want my “money well spent” too. I guess it is my right as a parent.

    To be fair, the Chinese government is not stopping French people from teaching French or German people from teaching German. They’re only stopping non-natives from teaching English. Don’t get me wrong, remember I said I know a lot of great and wonderful non-native speaking teachers. Some with English levels so good that I wouldn’t know, they’re a non-native speaker. Maybe to get around this issue. When a foreigner goes for their medical to get their FEC they could go take an English speaking test as well. That might be a great idea. What do you think? That would allow the well spoken teachers to teach English even if they’re non-native.

    Is this a black issue?

    I don’t think so; why? because we’ve had and have black teachers on staff that are working in some of our schools. The company I work for, doesn’t turn away black teachers. Now unfortunately because of the new laws they will have to look at the country the teachers come from but I know that my company would still hire a black teacher, as long as it complies with the new Chinese laws.

  34. Mark

    By the way, Barry and Admin, you both wrote “effect” instead of “affect”… “Effect” is a noun, and the verb is “to affect”… A affects B.

    M. 🙂

  35. Barry

    Actually, this information isn’t totally correct.
    Number 2 – at the moment, the Chinese government require education verification from non-natives who want to teach English in China and yes, they are checking. The foreigner is expected to sign a disclosure form that gives the Chinese government the rights to obtain the information from the universities.
    Number 3 – A student can teacher on a student visa, however they are restricted on the number of hours/week they can teach and I would imagine, with the new laws, they will most like have to be native speakers. I would have to ask before I can say for sure.
    Number 6 – a criminal back ground check isn’t necessary in Shanghai yet but in Suzhou, they require a criminal background check. At the moment, criminal background check isn’t a federal law but only provincial. I can see it becoming a federal law in the future.

  36. Barry

    Barack (ty) – I was unaware the Chinese people were in your country teaching English, that would be silly because English isn’t their native language. By the way, you can’t make claims of racism against blacks, the blackman or Africans if you are going to use words like “yellows”. I will say this again, where in the article did it say anything about Africans, black or the blackman?

  37. Barry

    Russell.. no one said that being a native speak makes anyone a great teacher. Did I say it did?

  38. Mark

    It makes no sense that an experienced non-native EFL teacher with a MA degree (in teaching) and 15 years of experience is suddenly less qualified than a UK/US native teacher with no teaching experience and a degree in, let’s say, accounting.

    Tell me honestly, how many of you natives know the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) chart? What is the “schwa” sound? What is the third conditional? How would you explain minimal pairs to your students? By the way, what are collocations?

    I’m a non-native English speaker with a MA degree in teaching EFL, and years of experience. Now tell me, how come someone with a degree in something totally unrelated can be more qualified than me?


  39. admin

    Concerned-Nonnative… our office handles the foreign expert certificates for more than a 100 teachers per year and we are in the FEC office at least once a week. As the laws are about to become public to the rest of China, we are given information prior to the announcements because it effects what we do, who we can hire and how the changes will affect future applicants. As a licensed education institution, with a foreign expert certificate license, we have to keep on top of everything so that we can advise the HR department.

  40. Barry

    Nana4real… you are right, just because a person is a native English speaker does not make them a great teacher because I have seen a lot of native English speaking foreign teachers who know nothing about teaching but I have seen good ones too. I have seen a lot of non-native English speakers who are great teachers and work very hard to educate their students but I have seen some who aren’t. By the way, the phrase you are trying to say is “some of them are the bomb” which is a term or expression used in America that actually means GREAT…or maybe you meant, “some of them bombed” which also is an American phrase meaning they didn’t a terrible job…anyway.. you are right, there are some Chinese agents that make fake certificates and degrees, but that has all changed as well, requiring these documents to be verified. I know if anyone comes to our company with fake TESOL or TEFL documents, they are required to take a TESOL course or if the level isn’t high enough (new government standards are now 120 hour course or higher) they are required to take the course.

  41. Barry

    Nana4real.. Where did it say anything about “Africans or Africa” in the article? Why is it that everyone assume that the government is talking about Africans? It states “Non-Native English Speakers” and it has to do with the English Education industry, I don’t believe it says Africa or Africans in the entire article. I employ many non-native speakers working in company from Russia, Ukraine, Italy, France, Ghana, Cameron, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Spain, Romania and a few other countries I can’t remember. Aren’t they also classified as Non-native English speakers? I am not a racist but I do think that some races think everyone is always against them when something isn’t going their way. Does this law effect Africans, of course it does, but it also effects everyone else I mentioned. Are they trying to get rid of non-natives English speakers out of English teaching jobs? Yes, but this is only one industry out of 1000s and there are other jobs available in China and around the world. I see medical doctors and lawyers from non-native English speaking countries coming to China to teach English, why are they doctors or lawyers? Instead, they come to China to teach English, why? The government isn’t refusing foreign expert certificates and visas for people that have a job in which they are educated for, for example; a person with a math degree can get a job as a math teacher. I know a non-native who has a degree in physics who has been approved for a FEC and visa to be a Physics Teacher.

  42. Nana4real

    It’s a way to say no to Africans, meanwhile there are over one million Chinese people in my country Ghana doing gold business, estate developing among others. It’s better to send them back then we go back to our country instead finding ways and means to sack u.

  43. Nana4real

    Barry, I am from Ghana. I’ve had many instances where I competed with native speakers from Britain and USA and I got the job. Coming from US, Canada, Britain, Australia and so on doesn’t make you a good teacher. In fact, some of them are bomb. They know nothing. Most of them get confused when they get to the class. I know a Chinese agency here in China that forges fake TEFL and TESOL for their teachers from US, CANADA and so on.

  44. Ed

    So many opinions to criticize, i don’t know where to begin, maybe with Hosted’s Titanic, or Byrams parochial level of understanding.
    Maybe something more general to cover all regardless of origin…are you a leader in your field? have you reached the peak of knowledge? Can you tell an idiot from a profit? What skills do you apply to your work? What happens when one door closes? Think!
    Once you have completed this self assessment here are a couple of more questions for you to ponder…have i really understood the point this guy has made? Is the education i give to my students the tools they need and not just my personal perspective?
    If yes, then you are most definitely the cow’s Punjabi!…if not then you should consider the Marx approach to learning. Get it yet?

  45. Jimmy Rustles

    The whiners in this comment section seem to have a ton of grammar and spelling mistakes…. I know I certainly wouldn’t want my children learning from these kinds of people.

  46. Lucas

    No info being posted… Can’t wait to check the law project… Don’t wanna leave China

  47. admin

    actually, recently the government has been looking at the south Africans a little different. I know what you mean, I have had a lot of south African teachers, most of them white. I had one south African that was a dual citizen and we had him leave the country and re-enter.

  48. Sam

    What will happen to South Africans we are native English speakers and a lot of use are white?

  49. Lucas

    It doesn’t look good… I’m not native speaker though I have a degree on languages… I hop its not gonna be like that…

  50. Barry

    Lucas – this new FEC policy hasn’t been released to the public yet. There should be more information available after May 1st when other online media pick up the story about the changes. If I hear anything more, I will post it.

  51. Lucas

    Any links to that low? Where can I get all the details of a new coming law project?

  52. myramysk

    In response to the guy in black, I agree with you. This policy is going to hurt the black foreigners more than anyone else. I know a European girl who speaks beginner level English whuo was recently offered a full-time job in Nanjing despite this ‘strict’ no-hire policy. It’s bullshit! This is a covert action against people of color, just like the modern ‘Jim Crow’ policies which disproportionately affect the black folks laws in my country. I’m white myself and I see this is discrimination, PLAIN AS DAY.

  53. Will

    Ironically the non natives work harder because they consider working here as a possibility of a better life. The natives can easily earn this much back home so for them is just a job to make enough money to enjoy themselves here and to buy the tickets for the next country.

  54. jordee

    Peace to everyone. my best advise, whether you are a native or a non native speaker working legally in China, is to consult your nearest consulate for an official information regarding this issue… normally, the host city in China will officially inform all foreign consulates and embassies regarding the changes in their laws or system…. Good luck to us all.

  55. Techralph

    Those teachers from native english speaking country does not know how to speak and write english properly.

  56. Ike

    It’s very interesting how things are retrogressing here, but I must confess that this hullabaloo over who qualifies to teach is not only in China. It’s a stereotypical ideology in most Asian countries. I must say that people have no idea of what teaching is so they can be selective. I’m pretty sure China is prepared to welcome middle school and high school so-called native English speakers into the system. Occupational descrimination in the 21st century! …very unfortunate.

    If you care to know, in USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, Europe and the rest of the advanced countries, nativity/nationality doesnt count in granting a job. All you need is to proof through previous education and experience that you qualify, and you will be licenced to teach or work. I personally dont think any native speaker who qualifies to teach in their home country will normally vacate their positions with fringe benefits and come to China for that peanut called salary. Africans and other Asian citizens will because to tell the truth, salary here seems slightly higher compared with what they’ll make back home. Nevetheless, no one can challenge the government if it decides to phase out non-native speakers. Non-native speakers will not go and die if they are kicked out from China. This is food for thought.

  57. C

    This has nothing to do with race or skin colour. This is simply about improving the quality of English learning here. Yes, maybe this policy is unfair for those non natives who are great English teachers but there are far too many who aren’t. Native English speakers guarantees fluency, good pronunciation and grammar understanding. So for those who relentlessly use the race or skin colour card, please give it a rest.

  58. Russell bbc

    BARRY BIRD one question does being a native English speaker make you a good teacher of the language ? (Food for thought)

  59. jordee

    How about those who are working illegally.or.. no working visa at all? Working using student internship visa?.or.tourist visa? would.they rather have illegal teachers than those who are legally working?

  60. IgorV

    Incredible that the first, and most common comment was about race, as if everyone is plotting against the black race, get over it, it’s not a racial thing but simply China trying to cut back on foreign work force and influence, getting a working visa has gotten more difficult for everyone. And what is this nonsense about natives not learning their language, what do you think they learned in school, aztec? I am not a teacher, neither is English my native language but i have to agree with this, because i have met some English teachers here, and their English skills were appalling , an insult to the profession.

  61. albaricoinchina

    This only applies to English teachers right?

  62. Mark

    Even if this happens it will affect the people working legally here and paying all the taxes, like myself. Revoking our legally obtained visas and FECs will not prevent the schools from hiring unqualified people to work on student/business/tourist visas. By ‘unqualified’ I mean non-natives with poor pronunciation and natives without formal qualifications.

    As for proving one’s language proficiency, here are internationally recognized tests accepted everywhere in the WORLD that estimate one’s language abilities, e.g. the Cambridge Proficiency (CPE) qualification that proves you can communicate with the fluency and sophistication of a highly competent English speaker. Not to mention IELTS, CAE, etc…

    Having said that, even if this happens (even though I’m still hoping this is just fear mongering aiming to attract educated native English speakers to come here and breathe this wonderful air, in this very pleasant environment, travelling half of the world to save 500 dollars a month), the world is still a big place, and there are other countries in the world where you can live and work, and earn decent money.

    Kindest regards,

  63. George

    And what about native speakers without a bachelor degree? My friend from Idaho is gonna get really disappointed. He makes here more than he would in the States.

  64. Hudie

    Many native speakers never studied a foreign lenguage before, they just know English… How can they have an idea of what it is learning a foreign language?
    It is contradictory!

  65. Eric

    Why do people always assume when people speak about non natives that they’re speaking about Africans? With the exception of Great Britain the whole of Europe is non native! Now I’ve been here in China for 4 years and I’ve seen some amazing non native teachers and I’ve seen some terrible ones but on the flip side I’ve also seen terrible native teachers.
    Should it be so easy that anyone who can speak English can teach here? No It shouldn’t!! People who are paying for their child’s education deserve someone who can do and do it well and that goes for both native and non native.
    Yes the law in China sucks sometimes, but it’s China….. It’ll change again next year.

  66. Concerned-Nonnative

    What’s your source? where can we find more information about the law? how did you find out about this and there is no other information about this posted anywhere else?

  67. Ken

    Barry…..There are english natives in Africa too for ur information.

  68. Mark

    According to ”Foreign Teachers Union” (see the link: the requirements for EFL teachers for 2016 are as follows:

    “Here is what you MUST have to legally teach in China…

    (1) Must be 22-55 years of age

    (2) Must have a VERIFIABLE bachelor degree (yes, they are now checking)

    (3) Must have a Z visa in your passport BEFORE you even tutor a single class even on a part-time basis

    (4) Must have 2 years verifiable teaching experience (any subject)

    (5) Must speak and write fluently in English

    (6) Must have a police certificate proving you have no criminal record (Beijing & Shanghai only at this time)”.

    As you can see, they also say that the information they posted was confirmed by SAFEA. Something is not right… Or to put in a Shakespearean way – something is rotten in the state of Denmark 🙂

  69. ty

    Another way of telling the Blackman and Africans they ain’t needed in this country.

    But just make sure when you **** urselves to an extend ur country can’t contain you don’t run to our continent as there are already millions of u there. I hope African governments put up stricter rules to deport all the culprit yellows

  70. Mechnophile

    This country is doing everything *** backwards… Should not exclude someone because of their country… They should have a test to gage your English level and issue fec /visa this way… China, what can I say… They don’t care about people who have been teaching here for a long time and even got married and have children… This government is totally useless.. Like all governments, China just more so

  71. ioSomewhere

    @the guy in black ! I feel you man and totally agree with you ! Non natives are often even better qualified as they had to learn the language them selfs ! They know the problems better then most natives who cone to china ! Sad law !

    Law is a sad reality !

    Sorry double post

  72. ioSomewhere

    @the guy in black ! I feel you man and totally agree with you ! Non natives are often even better qualified as they had to learn the language them selfs ! They no the problems better then most natives who cone to china ! Sad law !

    This thinking in china that only natives are qualified is so laughable but a reality

  73. Barry Bird

    Guy in Black… I think you are missing the government’s point. Yes, I think there are a lot of non-natives who speak English extremely well, but there are also many who don’t. The government isn’t going to give non-native foreigners a test to prove they speak English or at what level but what they will do is, allow only native English speaking foreigner work as teachers because they know for sure that they speak English. Education is very important to the Chinese and they already have non-native English teachers in China teaching English, I am referring to the Chinese English teachers, they now want the native sound, pronunciation and the culture knowledge they can’t get from the Chinese teachers. To respond to your comment regarding Africans, the law is for all non-natives, not only Africa. You aren’t being discriminated because you are from Africa, you simply don’t qualify. As you said, would you like someone to fly a plane if they aren’t a pilot?

  74. the guy in Black…

    it’s a shame that the educational authorities of this country can still think this way.are we not in 2016?yeah we are.for any job you do is because you have been trained were not born as a raise up to the level of a president.a pilot is trained to pilot planes not because he is one one the inventors of the aircraft but because he has been trained to.i wish have a chance to sit and have a talk with the authorities of this country.the reality is not on papers but in classes and every day life.this law is a polite excuse to tell africans they not welcome in this land.the hardest hit are africans.white skin folks can work here even without a visa and they will go a shame and very contradictory.

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