Nanjing Centre, China
Shanghai Centre, China

Panda 英语教育开始于2008年,并于2016年9月1日在南京购买/合并了一家教育机构,建立了自己品牌名下的第一家PandaKids英语培训中心,现又于2017年春节前在上海浦东区成功建立了第二家培训中心,Panda正在讨论筹备在未来的几个月中在上海郊区建立第三家培训中心,并希望在未来的几年当中在全国建立更多的培训机构,遍布在像苏州、杭州、义乌、汕头等这样的城市。大多数培训中心将按照Panda的标准统一管理,PandaKids旨在为英语学习者提供人人可以负担得起的价格和达到英语母语国家的英语水平,目前在上海Panda的几位外教老师已对开这样的授权连锁中心表现出兴趣,相信在Panda的指导下,他们都能够享有和Panda同样的创业机会和成功。


Starting September 1st, 2016, Panda English Education(2008) bought out an education centre in Nanjing and built the company’s first PandaKids Centre for English education, under it own brand name.

PandaKids have now completed the construction on it second centre in Shanghai and opened just before the Chinese New Year of 2017, located in the Pudong district of Shanghai.

Panda is presently in discussion for a third PandaKids centre to be build in a rural district of Shanghai and hoping the construction for this centre to start in the next few months.

Panda is hoping to open several more centres throughout China over the next few year, including places like, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Yiwu, WuQi, Shantou, etc. Most of the education centres will be franchise centres and monitored by Panda Education to keep the PandaKids’ standards.

PandaKids goals are to supply English Education at affordable prices and to provide English at a Native English speaking level. Several of Panda’s teachers in Shanghai have been showing interest in opening centres in their wives’ hometown, generally the smaller communities or 3th or 4th tier cities. With Panda’s guidance, we hope they do get the same chances at we did when we started up Panda Education.