North American Phonics 北美自然拼读法

North American Phonics originated in the US in the early 20th century. It is 10 times more efficient than the old English Phonetic Symbols. After being proven that it helps children to learn words faster and to be able to read new words that they’ve never seen before, develops their speaking ability and boosts their self-confidence and interest in learning more, North American Phonics has been widely accepted by most schools in America and Canada since 1950s.

North American Phonics is similar to Chinese Pinyin. Chinese government introduced Pinyin into schools in 1958. Children learn each individual Pinyin symbol first and then combine several together to read one Chinese character. Pinyin is also one of the Chinese input methods in mobile phones, computers, etc.



Compared with the old English Phonetic Symbols used in Chinese schools, why not let your child learn English in an easier and faster way and be ahead of others?



Those two phonetic systems are similar to each other. 以上两种发音法有诸多相似之处。

Compared with the British Phonetic Symbols, North American Phonics is straightforward and allows beginners of English to learn the language faster.