Zhouzhuang (Chinese: 周庄; pinyin: Zhōuzhuāng) is a town famous for its canals in Jiangsu province, China. It is located within the administrative area of Kunshan, 30 km southeast of the city centre of Suzhou. Another beautiful place to visit for the day. From Shanghai, it is only about a 1 – 2 hours trip by bus. Even though it is closer to Shanghai that SuZhou, there isn’t a train that goes there. We have been there by bike as well. If you own a bike in China, and you don’t mind the longer trips, biking gives you the chance to see things along your way. ZhouZhuang is a nice weekend trip but it won’t take up your whole weekend, because other than seeing the water town (and it is amazing), there really isn’t much else to do there. You can catch a morning bus, stay the day and catch the bus back to Shanghai in the early evening. The water runs throughout the town like roads, there’s got to be a few dozen bridges to cross back and forth over the river and you can take the little boats for a relaxing ride. I have seen a lot of the people who’s rowing the boats singing Chinese songs while you take in the sights. They have many little museums and art galleries that you can walk through but be sure to pay for the tour plan that gives you free entry to all the places. I took my parents to ZhouZhuang and they had a great time.