Top 5 Best VPN Services in China

We all know that China is a special land and its powerful “Great Firewall” has blocked many world famous websites such as Google, Gmail, Youtube, FaceBook, Twitter, NewYork Times and so on, it is quite a long list. So it will be a big trouble for people who travel or work in China.

In order to get access to the these blocked networks, you need to use VPN services in China. Though using VPN services to bypass Chinese government’s censors is not lawful in China. But the government will turn a blind eye to it as China’s foreign trade enterprises still need these blocked services to communicate and do business with the world. So no need to worry about it.

When you search for VPN provider in China, you will have a long searching result and it is difficult to decide which one to buy for people who have never come to the country. Then how to pick a good VPN service in China? Well, no need to worry. I live in Beijing and work in a foreign-oriented company which reply on VPN service to get around strict censorship. I have spent about a year testing each vpn service to make sure we use the best VPN service in China. Remember that price is important but don’t just focus on it, you need to choose the service that fits you and meet your performance needs.

Which one you should you use in China. please check reviews of different VPN services below and find your favorite one.

ExpressVPN is the fastest and most stable VPN service in China. At present other major VPN provider’s websites has been blocked by china Great Firewall, while ExpressVPN is the only VPN provider whose official site still works well in mainland China.
I have tested their vpn service for more than six months in Beijing, the connection speed is very fast, I can watch streaming Youtube videos smoothly and have very good experience when using Facebook and other blocked social networks.
The major advantage of ExpressVPN is that it promises a 30-day Money Back guarantee, so you can use it for 30 days and get full refund if you do not like it. Besides, ExpressVPN offers unlimited bandwidth, which means you can use it all day on your devices. I also get connected to my Android phone and get a very pleasant experience. and it is also available on Windows and IOS phones. ExpressVPN is a little expensive compared with other VPN services in China. But when you get it, you will find the money is well worth it. For a little more money you can get a very good fluid user experience either for entertainment or taking care of your business in China.
All in all, ExpressVPN is the best and fastest VPN if you are traveling or living in China.
PureVPN is one of the best VPN services in China. At present I mainly use PureVPN’s one year package in China. As I know PureVPN has the most servers around the world. According to my experience in China Taiwan server and Spain server have the fastest speed, and Turkey sever also works fine. But in order to get the fastest speed and best connection you need to change among different servers and find the best one during your using time. The PureVPN has unlimited bandwidth and I often use it to watch YouTube videos and take care of my Facebook page.
PureVPN allows two different people using the same account at the same time, which means you buy one and get two. It supports all popular operating systems including Windows, IOS and Android. PureVPN offers 7 days money-back guarantee starting from your order date. It has very good privacy protection policy, they promise not to monitor user activities and keep any logs, so you can use it safely without any concerns in China. The only disadvantage is that its official website is blocked in China and you need to download its software before coming to China. That’s why I put it on the number 2 position.
Overall, PureVPN is really an excellent VPN to unblock the entire web in China. At present PureVPN offers price $9.95/month, and you will get very good discount price $4.16 per month for one year package.
12VPN is based in Hong Kong, so they know Great Firewall well and have very professional tech to unblock it. I have tested three months and it proves to be fast and reliable. 12VPN works well in China and many expats use it to access blocked sites. It provides all standard features with cheap service. The 12 months basic package is only $4.08 per month with unlimited bandwidth and Up to 8Mbps connection speed.
Their customer service is the best among all VPN providers. You will always get positive and kind response when contacting them. It has 20 server locations and you can switch freely to find the best speed server.
In all, this is one of the best VPN services you can trust in China. Give it a try and you will understand it is really worth the money.
VyprVPN is another VPN service which impressed me much. It’s simple to set up and use on your computer and mobile devices. VyprVPN offers a 3 day free trial account and you can decide if you are going to pay after testing.
The basic plan is $9.99 per month, you can get big discount for one year long package. VyprVPN has VPN servers in around 50 countries. In order to get fast speed and stable connections, I advise you to choose servers in Asia such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. VyprVPN also offers unlimited bandwidth. Overall, VyprVPN is a reliable and fast VPN service in China. and it is also very secure.
AstrillVPN is better known for its military-level encryption. This means it will perfectly protect your privacy. The speed works fine but may be slow at sometimes, and you need to find a better and faster to get better experience. It is a good choice if you just surf the internet on your computer but its mobile user experience is not very good. AstrillVPN also provides unlimited bandwidth.
We hope that the above reviews of the VPN services I used in China can give you enough information to help you find the best VPN in China. If you have any user experience for the top five providers listed above or any other vpn services in China, feel free to leave your questions or your comments below.
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  1. Terry

    Someone told me of Lantern VPN for my phone, it is free and works great

  2. Terry

    I just wanted to make one small comment. These are the VPNs that English speakers use commonly only because the really good VPNs are all in Chinese. When the English VPNs are blocked during any big Chinese events going on in China the Chinese VPNs are all still up and running fine. But in the whole of things they do pretty good. Would have included SuperVPN because during the last block it worked fine.

  3. Edson Johnson

    This was very good information about VPN’s and should be included with information packages to those individuals who are considering working in China.

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