Panda English Education’s website is presently under construction and is having a major upgrade and for this, we are sorry if it might cause an inconvenience to our users. However, we are hoping that all these new changes will be able to make our website more informative and helpful to the foreign staff we presently employ. For foreigners who are considering moving to China, the foreigners will be able to view employment opportunities in our company, they will be able to apply online using our online application form, and be able to contact our Foreign HR department directly (via email). Parents that are interested in knowing more about Panda will be able to check us out and the children will be able to download videos and activities. In the near future, Panda is planning to use the website to connect students to foreigners for online English lessons. There will even be something for school owners and school masters who are looking for more information about Panda and our book series, giving them the opportunity to co-operate with our fully licensed education business along with our team of experts.

Panda’s website isn’t the only thing Panda is presently trying to build. Panda has plans to spread throughout China with this department of the company and open PandaKids Education centres under the Panda’s main brand name. This will allow students, all over China, to get access to affordable English Education with Native English speaking foreigners.

We hope that you will continually check back with our website as it develops!